October 2016 Ring Report


Meets last Wednesday of month, except July & Aug

Time: Doors Open at 6:30 and Activities start at 7:00 PM CST

Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, 53208

Website: ibmring41.com

Email: [email protected]

Our October meeting was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. A small but dedicated group met to share stories, tricks and laughter. Our theme was “Danger Magic” – any effects with a danger theme. Choppers, spikes, daggers and needles were some of the tricks performed or discussed. Tricks that are spooky, haunted, suspenseful and ghostly also fit into the theme.

Our Ring 41 namesake, Dr Richard Mossey, started us off with a discussion on Houdini. He showed everyone a Houdini book from his vast collection:Houdini’s Paper Magic, April 1922, E. P. Dutton & Company, New York. Many people are not aware that Houdini published a book on Paper Magic. Some of the tricks included: The Selective Touch, The Spirit Communication, The Pig and the Ring and The Dancing Skeletons. If you thought that Houdini only wrote about escapes, think again! The book was packed with information on paper magic.

Dr Mossey then proceeded to show a trick using a medium sized animal trap. When the trap was set, it snapped a pencil in half as it sprung shut. After the goulash display, the magician sprung the trap using his hand, which was then removed unharmed. Needless to say, no one at the meeting had the backbone to try out the device.

Our IBM Ring Vice President, Mike Miller, performed a couple of outstanding tricks utilizing ropes that he wrapped around his waist and neck. The ropes were then pulled, which magically penetrated his body. Mike, being a gracious as he is, then proceeded to explain and teach each trick to the group. It is alway nice to learn new magic at our meetings!

Club member John Lewit performed an arm chopper effect. A carrot was first put into the copper and cleanly cut in half. John then asked a spectator to insert an arm into the intimidating device. Danger, suspense and apprehension filled the group as the spectator slowly inserted his arm. Needless to say, the trick worked perfectly and the spectator did not lose an arm as the blade came crushing down.

Dr William Crowley was up next and he showed a really good signed torn and restored card routine. Dr Crowley had a selected card signed and promptly proceeded to tear the card up. He then used a lighter to burn the edges of the torn card. The fire acted as the glue and the card was magically restored and given to the spectator. Everyone was both pleased to see the trick and thankful that the place didn’t burn down.

Member and IBM WI Territorial Vice President, Dr. Lynn Miner, performed a very polished and professionally scripted card trick. The four aces were used to predict how long the spectator had left to live in life before they died. Suspense built in the spectator as the cards were each turned over that predicted how long a spectator had left to live. As the cards were shown the to spectator was told that he would live the rest of the day! The second card was turned over and the spectator was told that he would live the rest of the week. As each of the cards were revealed, the spectator extended his live expectancy to a month and then to a year. All concerns quickly evaporated as the last card was revealed informing the spectator he would have eternal life!

Harlan Nordness, Ring 41 Sargent at Arms, performed a unique trick with a small skull hanging from a metal chain. A spectator picked a card that was then hopelessly lost in the deck. The facedown cards were then randomly spread on the table. Harlan then proceeded to dangle the skull back and forth over the cards until the skull “came to life” by flashing its eyes on and off with blinking red lights. Harlan then proceeded to turn over the card showing everyone that the skull had found the spectators previously chosen card.

Scott Edward Lane, IBM Ring 41 president, rounded out the evening with his rendition of the classic card trick Six Card Repeat. Scott brought everyone in attendance on a verbal journey to the old wild west by recounting the story of a gambling cheat named One Card Pete. Scott transformed himself into an “Old Man” complete with a costume mask and proceeded to tell the story in rhyme that showed what happens when a card cheat is accidentally dealt more than five cards.

Everyone in attendance had a magical time as we spent the evening away by celebrating Halloween and exploring “Danger Magic”.

Scott Lane


Dr Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41