Ring 41 Meeting Topics 2024 

Ring 41 Meeting Topics 2024 

January:- Ring In the New (or Old) 

Share magic that is new or new to you! Perhaps you have recently learned a new trick or perhaps a new routing for an old trick

February:-Valentine Magic 

Valentine’s Day has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many religious of the world. What special effect have you scripted to present the magic of love? Remember, we do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone; rather, we find it with another. Present an effect that brings a strong connection between two people. 

March:-Box Magic 

Bring your favorite box, whether it be a magic prop or not. Maybe, it’s a card box or a cigar box (yes, you can still get them from Tobacco shops) Perhaps it is a Square Circle or a Tip Over Box. What is inside the box? Cards, coins, rubber bands,, bills,, tissue paper, dice, paper clips, invisible thread, wax, sponge balls, knives, silks, mouth coins, rings, keys, magnets, pencils, balloons, business cards, poker chips, strings or anything else you might jam inside your box. Prepare to dazzle us

April: Sponge Balls

Join us in person to learn & perform your favorite Sponge Ball Routines. Learn different ways to produce & vanish the balls plus how you can make them change to different colors or other items. Plus Please RSVP to attend in person for the meeting to receive your free gift

May-Magic Levitations 

Anything that floats, balances, does somersaults, etc. Wands, cards, money, silks, balls, etc. Review your arsenal of gimmicks used to float small objects closeup as well as larger objects like bouncing balls, magic tables, dancing canes, etc. Maybe something with Loops, Zombie balls, or a selflevitation. We all have some great props that have been hidden away in our inventories for years. Let’s give them another look

June: Teach A Trick 

  Bring us one of your favorite pieces be creative. Show us your magic. Then teach us the trick so we can do it when you get done. This is not showntell time; it’s show and teach time. Tell us beforehand what objects we need to bring to the table, so we can come ready to learn. For an even better result, we can video these sessions for later viewing

July &-August: No Scheduled Meetings Unless sent an email

Enjoy your summer vacation. May it be magical

September: Openers and Closers 

In public speaking, you need to get their attention with a strong opening. The middle is important so they don’t fall asleep. But the closing is what they’ll remember long after the meeting. For this month, bring us your favorite opener or closer to perform around the table. This might be a specially stacked deck, a gimmicked deck, coin routine, etc. Whatever 

October: Impromptu Magic 

This session will be for those sudden demand Show Me a Trick situations, where we use items at hand (rubber bands, paperclips, paper, pencils, napkins, straws, keys, etc. What do you normally carry with you as a goto effect? Do you carry a wallet with several impromptu effects?. We only know several thousand of these. Now we need to recoup and relearn

November: For the Psych in Me 

Come prepared to mystify us with the best mindboggling psychic trick you know. If you can fool the group, you’ll get a standing ovation. Wow!!! This is such a broad topic, all you need to do is pick from the 300 psychic routines you’ve done in the past. No excuse to be unprepared for this session

December: Annual Holiday

Party Details to be announced.