I.B.M  Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41 Close-Up and Parlor Contest Rules

Another Ring 41 activity – Close-Up and Parlor Contests! Two separate Prizes!

Date: May 25, 2022

Eligibility: All members in good standing whose paid dues are current are eligible to compete.

Time Limits: Each contestant will perform a minimum of eight minutes and a maximum of ten minutes. Going under eight or over ten minutes will reduce the overall score by 10%. The timekeeper will display flash cards showing six, eight, and ten minutes have elapsed. At the end of the act, the timekeeper will call out the elapsed performance time.   The time will begin when the performer tells the time keeper to start the stop watch.  If the performer has one or more helpers up for the beginning of the performance, the time will not start until all are ready to begin.  After that, the clock will run straight through.

Scoring:  The scorekeeper will multiply each contestant’s number of first place votes by three, the number of second place votes by two, and the number of third place voice by one. The resulting scores will be rank ordered, and the three highest scores will be declared the contest winners.

Scoring Criteria: We suggest five criteria upon which you may make your decisions.  They are based on the criteria used in international competitions such as IBM, SAM, and FISM. We are not implying that the five are equally important.  Voters will use their own judgments about that. The first place, second place, and third place votes should reflect your overall impressions.

  • Appearance –Were the contestant’s dress, presence, and handing of helpers (if any) appropriate? What was your overall impression?
  • Presentation – Did the contestants handle material properly? Were their acts well structured, flow smoothly, and have good scripts?
  • Originality – How creative were the contestants’ effects, methods, presentations, and props? Did they have any novel ideas?
  • Audience Reaction – Did the audience experience enjoyment, wonder, surprise or mystery?
  • Technique/Skill – Did the contestants exhibit a mastery of any sleights or misdirection they used? Did the contestants “flash” or expose any magic?

Ring 41 Close-Up and Parlor Contest Scoring Sheet

Instructions: After considering the five scoring criteria (appearance, presentation, originality, audience reaction, and technique/skill), please put a check mark (✓) to indicate your first, second and third choice contestants.

Number Name First