Closeup and Parlor Contest – and Teach-A-Trick Seminar June, 26, 2019

Dr. Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Presents

Closeup and Parlor Contest

Teach-A-Trick SeminarSecond Half of Meeting

Come to the Dr Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 meeting June 26, 2019, for the Annual Closeup and Parlor Contest. The second half of the meeting will feature a Teach-A Trick Seminar.

Put together an eight to ten-minute close-up or parlor act. You’ll be judged on appearance, presentation, originality, audience reaction, and technique/skill. Complete contest rules are on our website. 

The doors will open at 6:30 pm. Contest starts at 7:00 pm 

Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI 53208

You do not have to be a member to attend the meeting!

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