Maria Kurtz was gracious and charming and will be sorely missed.

Maria Kurtz, age 85, passed away at home surrounded by her extended family. She was an International Brotherhood of Magician’s Order of Merlin Shield member number 30768A and a past president of the Dr Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 in Milwaukee, WI.  She was a long time member of the Houdini Club of Wisconsin. She held numerous positions including the Good and Welfare Chairperson of both clubs. She was also an active member of the Greater Milwaukee Area Society of American Magicians Assembly 61. She performed as an assistant under the stage name of Maria with her surviving husband John Kurtz. Their act was titled The Magic of John and Maria. She performed all over the country including multiple engagements at the Abbotts Magic Get-togethers and numerous national magic conventions. Their act specialized in lit candle productions and featured classic dove magic. Maria leaves two children, David and Kathy, and three grandchildren. She was gracious and charming and will be sorely missed.