Ring Report December 2015

RING 41, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – Dr. Richard Mossey Ring

Meets last Wednesday of month, except July & Aug

Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, 53208.


The Dr Richard Mossey Ring 41 met in December to perform Holiday Magic and Magic for Special Occasions. Despite the inclement weather, a small group of diehard magicians met at the Tripoli Shrine Center to finish out the year with outstanding magic presentations coupled with discussions concerning magic performance and theory.

Dr William Crowley started out the evening with a Halloween trick using a group of cards with different colored backs and pictures of vampires on the faces. Each of the colored vampires disappeared one at a time as Dr Crowley presented snappy, entertaining patter. The second miracle Dr Crowley performed consisted of a group of cards with pictures of frogs on the faces. After a bit of by play, Dr Crowley turned over the last frog to show that it was indeed Prince Charming and matched the randomly chosen card previously made by the spectator.

Next up was Mike Miller Ring 41, Secretary and Board Member. Mike performed two effects that really had the group talking. His first trick consisted of a set of large dice and ten cards with numbers printed on the faces. The cards were turned face down and shuffled using the “roll of the dice” to determine the shuffling and card pairing sequence. To everyone’s amazement, the five sets of cards were turned face up to show that the numbers on the faces of the cards matched with each of their mates defying even Lady Luck.

Mike’s second trick was a version of McDonald’s Aces. The innovative way that it was performed coupled with a new method and technique really got everyone discussing the history, variations and different methods that have been devised over the years for this classic trick. It inspired many in the group to revisit McDonald’s Aces and revive an old standard.

Dr Lynn Miner was up next with a three trick routine that was extremely professional and polished. The tricks were Christmas themed and matched Dr Miner’s alter ego of Santa Claus. Lynn began with an original color-changing packet effect to his version of the Night Before Christmas patter. Next, he presented the classic B’Wave card mystery using patter than explained how Santa and Mrs. C. got “hitched.” Lynn concluded his three-card set with a novel version of Sidewalk Shuffle; in his version, the effect became a game of “Where’s Santa.”  The audience was blown away when the final reveal showed that none of the cards were gimmicked in any way. Dr Miner performs extensively in the Midwest as Santa Claus, especially around this time of year. You can get an update on his background and performances in the December, 2016 issue of MAGIC Magazine because on page sixty you will find an article covering his life as Santa Claus.

Scott Edward Lane then performed and taught a trick using a randomly selected card and a hole punch. After a card was chosen and signed by the spectator, Scott proceeded to “mark” the card by punching two holes in it using a standard paper hole punch. The holes then magically moved around on the signed card defying the laws of physics. The signed card was then given to the spectator as a gift.

Everyone at the meeting had a great time as we closed out the 2015 year with magic and entertainment. If you are in the Milwaukee area be sure to visit one of our monthly club meetings. Visitors are always welcome! Would you like to lecture for our club? Please contact Scott Edward Lane for scheduling.

Scott Edward Lane