December 30, 2015 Meeting Topic

December Meeting – 12/30/2015


RING 41, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – Dr. Richard Mossey Ring

Meets last Wednesday of month, except July & Aug

Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, 53208.


Holiday Themed Magic and Magic For Different Audiences


Here are some suggested themes:

Halloween Magic (seances, ghosts, Houdini remembrance)

Thanksgiving (“Turkey Magic” Or Magic I should have not bought)

Winter holiday magic (Christmas, Hanukah Magic, etc.) St. Patrick’s Day

New Years Magic

Valentine’s Day (sweetheart or magic with a love theme) April Fool’s Day

National Birthday (independence day, loyalty day or other patriotic event)


The Second half of the meeting will cover:

Magic For Different Audiences

Ring members can lecture, discuss or present magic in which they may have expertise. Some examples are:

Birthday parties

Restaurant magic

Cruise ship

Trade show or corporate magic

Comedy clubs

School shows

Theme park

Strolling or street magic



Next Month!

January Meeting – 1/27/201

The theme for our January Meeting will be:

Gift Magic