Why I.B.M.

Why Join I.B.M?

What are the specific benefits of being an International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) member? What does it give me that I couldn’t get in just joining a local magic club? What do I get for the dues I pay?

These are great questions that deserve solid answers. In the list below, we identify and classify the concrete benefits available exclusively to all I.B.M. members, which cluster into three main categories.

  1. Magic Education: news magic, including its history and performance
  2. Peer Affiliation: linkages with people and products who share the I.B.M. values
  3. Travel and Insurance: group benefits that save you money

Take a close look at these 14 I.B.M. membership benefits and see for yourself the value of your dues.

Magic Education

The Linking Ring: Print Access

  • More copies of The Linking Ring, a monthly magazine for I.B.M. members, have been published than any other periodical in the history of magic.
  • In the last decade, over a million copies have been mail all over the world to I.B.M. members.
  • In 2016, The Linking Ring published 195 new magic tricks for its members, representing 31¢ per effect for your 2017 membership dues, excluding tips on marketing and multiple feature articles.
  • http://www.magician.org/the-linking-ring/what-is-the-linking-ring

The Linking Ring: Digital Access

  • The Linking Ring mobile app is available for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.
  • Issues dating back to 2010 are instantly accessible.
  • Once the app is downloaded and the user logs in, future access is as simple as tapping the app icon on the phone or tablet and selecting which issue to read.
  • The Linking Ring mobile app is available for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices from the App Store, Amazon, and Google Play.

The Annual I.B.M. Convention

  • A yearly convention feature presents top-flight professionals in spectacular evening shows.
  • Lectures present professional development opportunities in all magic subspecialties.
  • Incredible close-up and stage competitions occur as well as sessioning opportunities day and night.
  • http://www.magician.org/convention/upcoming-convention

Ask Alexander

  • Ask Alexander is an electronic archive accessible to all I.B.M. members, yielding all copies of The Linking Ring dating back to its first issue published in 1922.
  • This valuable resource contains over two-million pages searchable by key words, including names of individuals, magic effects, and dates.
  • Beyond accessing The Linking Ring archives, I.B.M. members also may view the I.B.M. convention souvenir programs and a fascinating database of Victorian Popular Culture.
  • http://www.magician.org/my-account Then click on second bullet point on Dashboard: “Access the Archives at Ask Alexander.”

Magic Video Lessons

  • Michael Ammar teaches a series of seven sequential lessons on the classic Cups and Balls.
  • Michael Ammar teaches eight independent lessons on various card and coin sleights as well as magic communications.
  • Danny Phillips presents a live performance and follow-up instructional video on a unique rope routine.
  • http://www.magician.org/video-tutorials

Card Magic Book

  • Roberto Giobbi, one of the world’s leading teachers of card magic, has made available to I.B.M. members a free 155 page downloadable manual for learning card magic.
  • The Giobbi eBook contains a powerful combination of detailed text, photographs, and video.
  • Even advanced card workers will benefit from this impressive and baffling demonstration of card magic.
  • http://www.magician.org/resources/roberto-giobbis-introduction-to-card-magic

Membership Card Tricks

Worldwide Ring Linkages

  • Over 250 Rings exist adjacent to major cities around the world
  • I.B.M. is an international organization, including Rings in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and United Kingdom.
  • All 50 of the states in the United States have Rings.
  • http://www.magician.org/about/local-I.B.M.-rings

Global Ring 2100

I.B.M. Merchandise and Apparel

  • Let other know you are a magician; use I.B.M. regalia as a marketing tool and source of pride
  • Clothing items include T-shirts, dress shirts, and polo shirts
  • Merchandise items include portfolios, collector’s coins, jacket patches, mousepads, glass tumblers, award plaques, and more.
  • http://www.magician.org/about/I.B.M.-regalia

Travel and Insurance

Liability Insurance

  • To mitigate the cost of individual liability insurance, I.B.M. members are eligible to purchase low-cost group liability insurance.
  • The cost of an insurance policy is pegged to your yearly gross magic receipts and start at $116 (2017) for gross magic income of under $25,000.
  • Each policy covers per insured member/per event and includes products and completed operations, personal and advertising injury, fire damage, and medical payments.
  • http://www.magician.org/resources/I.B.M.-endowment-and-development-fund/liability-insurance

Group Health Insurance Benefits

  • U.S. I.B.M. members can purchase group health insurance with Association Health Programs, a duly licensed insurance broker located in Overland Park, Kansas.
  • AHP offers access to only national “A” (or higher) rated insurance carriers which provide a large variety of offerings
  • Specific health benefit options include Long-term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Income, Dental and Vision Insurance, Accident Insurance, Identity Theft Insurance, and Alternative Care Insurance
  • http://www.magician.org/blog/international-brotherhood-of-magicians-announces-new-membership-benefit?blogid=55

Avis Rent-A-Car

Hotel Discounts

  • I.B.M. members are eligible for discounts on hotels worldwide, ranging from 10% to 60%.
  • A dedicated concierge team exists to handle questions or concerns.
  • Interested I.B.M. members receive a special passcode and explore options at www.HotelStorm.com.

Why Join the Dr. Richard Mossey I.B.M. Ring 41?

Overview of Ring Benefits

I.B.M Rings are special communities that focus on the experience of magic. Ring members share a common passion to advance magic education and performance.

By affiliating with Ring 41, one experiences a similarity to others, a mutual group affiliation, a willingness to share by giving to or doing for others what one expects from them. As a result, one becomes part of a larger dependable and stable structure.

By affiliating with Ring 41, one experiences a feeling of belonging, a feeling that members matter to one another and the group, and a shared faith that members’ needs will be met through their commitment to be together.” Said differently, by affiliating with a Ring, one experiences “social bonding” and “physical rootedness.”

By affiliating with Ring 41, one experiences greater participation, perceived safety, the ability to function competently in the community, social bonding, strong interpersonal relationships, and a greater sense of purpose and perceived control.

Four Major Benefits

By affiliating with Ring 41, members will experience four major elements that underpin the sense of community afforded by Rings.


Ring 41 has physical boundaries common to its members. Ring 41 offers members an emotional safety where one can participate regardless of skill level; members often use their Ring experiences as an unconstrained opportunity to “fail forward fast” knowing they exist in an environment of trust and feeling of safety. Members make a personal investment in advancing their magical knowledge and skill. Members feel like they fit in because it is “their magic community.”


Ring 41 members can influence the Ring structure and direction, which strengthens group cohesion; that is, Rings create an environment where members feel like they have a say in what happens. Conversely, the Ring influences its members because it simply has to become a place that they care about. It provides members with value that they don’t want to lose.

Integration and Fulfillment of Needs

Ring 41 members experience a feeling of reward in various ways for participating in Ring activities. Their participation reinforces the idea that Rings need to help members grow to make it worth their time and contribution. A reward might be something specific like an answer to a question or networking. Or it could be something a bit more intangible like a sense of belonging, a support network, thoughtful conversations, or inspiration.

Shared Emotional Connection

Ring 41 members experience a shared history and participation in the local magic community. These experiences form a long lasting, emotional connection. This shared emotional connection for magic results in contact with others sharing the same values, thereby producing high-quality interactions. Psychologically, belonging to a Ring represents one major basis for self-definition. This factor alone may well represent the primary definitive element of a Ring.

Local Ring Benefits By The Numbers

. Here are a few of the many features, advantages, and benefits of joining an Ring 41.

  1. You will boost your self-confidence
  2. You will develop creativity and problem-solving skills
  3. You will improve your public speaking and presentation skills
  4. You will have an instant icebreaker to make new friends
  5. You will have an international language, loved world-wide
  6. You can mystify and entertain family and friends
  7. You often can integrate magic into work and school activities
  8. You will have a “screen free” skill to help your mind and body grow
  9. You will have a skill widely used for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes
  10. You will have a unique means of communicating socially relevant messages
  11. You will experience the joy of learning
  12. You will sharpen your fine motor skills

In sum, you’ll join an instant group of new friends and learn tricks of the trade; this will do wonders for your self-assurance. Ring 41 has members with over 300 years of collective magic experience waiting to share with you.