Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41 By-Laws

The Dr. Richard Mossey Ring No. 41

of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Inc.


Article I: Ring 41 Membership

Section 1: Applications for Membership

All applicants must be a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Application forms are available at (insert url). Applicants seeking membership in the Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41 (henceforth Ring 41) must apply in writing to the Ring 41 Secretary using the approved application form. All applicants will be required to give a ten (10) minute presentation of magic or related arts before their applications are voted upon. Any denied application must wait one year before reapplying. 

Section 2: Voting Eligibility on Applications for Membership

Active members of Ring 41, those individuals who have paid both local and national dues, are eligible to vote on membership applications.  Voting on membership applications shall be taken only at regular meetings, provided previous notice of an upcoming vote has been announced in writing. Ring 41 membership will be granted to applicants who receive a majority vote of members in attendance

Article II: Ring 41 Officers

Section 1: Board of Directors Membership

The Ring 41 Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President and President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. Collectively, they are responsible for making decisions regarding the allocation of Ring 41 human, fiscal, and physical resources. As Ring 41 role models, all Directors are expected to actively participate in all local programming activities, either by performing at least one magic effect or sharing an anecdote commensurate with the theme of the month. The Board of Directors shall meet monthly at least a week before the regularly scheduled Ring 41 meeting, either in person or electronically, unless a majority decision is made to postpone a meeting. Any Director missing more than two meetings per year will be replaced on the Board through consensus of the remaining Directors. Any individual Ring 41 member may refer a topic, question, or concern to the Board of Directors, who will address the issue being raised and, if felt warranted, refer it to the entire Ring 41 for further deliberation.

Section 2: Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

The order of business at each Board of Directors meeting may consist of:










Call to Order

Attendance record keeping

Action on minutes of preceding meeting (Secretary)

Report of each Director

Report of Committees


Unfinished business

New business

Good and Welfare


Section 2:  Duties of President

Following Roberts Rules of Order, the President shall preside at all regular or special meetings of Ring 41 and the Board of Directors. As warranted, the President may appoint individuals or committees to recommend actions that will enhance Ring 41. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall have full and complete administrative powers conducting the affairs of Ring 41, subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The President shall demonstrate pro-active leadership in conducting the affairs of Ring 41.

Section 3: Duties of Vice President and President Elect.

The Vice President is responsible for planning and overseeing the Ring 41 meeting programs, using a strategic blend of local members or guest lecturers as budgets allow. Tentative program plans shall be announced at least three months in advance to allow Ring 41 members to plan and prepare for upcoming events. Additionally, the Vice President shall assist the President in conducting Ring 41 affairs

Section 4: Duties of the Secretary

In a timely manner, the Secretary is responsible for recording, maintaining, and corresponding transactions of Ring 41 and the Board of Directors. In general terms, this includes keeping all books, papers, records, and other documents of Ring 41. In specific terms, this includes, but is not limited to, filing timely Ring Reports, Ring Events, and Feature Articles with the Linking Ring; emailing meeting minutes to Ring 41 members; emailing 14 day and 4 day reminders of upcoming meetings; sending “Welcome Packets” to new members, and maintaining accurate distribution lists of (1) Ring 41 members and (2) organizational friends. 

Section 5: Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the fiscal integrity of Ring 41. To achieve this goal, the Treasurer will keep and account for all moneys, credits and property, of Ring 41. The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of Ring 41. The Treasurer shall issue written notification of annual dues no later than November 15 for the upcoming fiscal year. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all moneys received and disbursed, including proper vouchers. Monthly fiscal reports shall be presented to the Board of Directors. By May annually, the President shall appoint two members to conduct an independent audit of Ring 41 fiscal records, who will present their audit findings to the Board of Directors by their September meeting. The fiscal year of the corporation shall be from July 1 to June 30th.

Section 6: Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for maintaining order at Ring 41 meetings and overseeing the Good and Welfare of Ring 41 members, including those dealing with birth, death, sickness, illness, injury, and rehabilitation. Additionally, the Sergeant at Arms is the point of contact for individuals needing transportation assistance to attend monthly meetings. Pertinent membership updates shall be reported at monthly Ring 41 members. 

Section 7:  Terms of Office

No later than May, annually, the President will appoint a two person Nomination Committee who will announce their upcoming nominees at the May meeting, which will be voted upon at the annual June meeting. Additional nominees at the May meeting will also be welcomed. The terms of office for all Board of Directors shall be two years.  After serving a two year term as Vice President and President Elect, this position will automatically advance to the Ring 41 Presidency. No term limits exist for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-At-Arms should the Nomination Committee recommend to extent their terms of service. 

ARTICLE III: Ring 41 Meetings

Section 1: Regular Meeting Dates

Regular Ring 41 meetings shall be held on the last Wednesday of each month, excluding July and August. Any regular meeting date may be changed by majority approval of the Board of Directors due to unusual circumstances provided due notice given to Ring 41 members at least seven (7) days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting date.

Section 2: Special Meeting Dates

Special meetings of Ring 41 members shall be called by majority vote of the Board of Directors or at the request of ten (10) members in writing. No other business may be transacted at a special meeting except that contained in the meeting announcement, which indicates the special meeting 

Section 3: Governing Authority for Regular or Special Meetings

Robert’s Revised Rules of Order shall be the authority governing the deliberations at all meetings of both the Board of Directors and Ring 41, except as they be in conflict with any provisions of the By-Laws or the rules and regulation of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Section 4: Quorum

A quorum to transact business shall consist of a least 10% of the members in good standing.

Article IV: Resignations, Suspension Or Expulsion

Section 1: Membership Resignation

Members are considered to have resigned from Ring 41 if they (1) lack active membership in the national IBM organization, or (2) fail to pay local membership dues in a timely manner.

Section 2: Board of Directors Resignation

If a member of the Board of Directors resigns either in writing or through insufficient attendance,  the remaining members shall appoint a replacement individual to complete the remainder of the unfilled post. Once completed, that individual shall be eligible to be nominated for that post as a new officer.

Section 3: Membership Suspension or Expulsion

Ring 41 members may be suspended or expelled from membership or removed from the Board of Directors for any conduct that is (1) not in the best interesting of the Ring, (2) a violation of the IBM Code of Ethics, or (3) a violation of the Ring 41 By-Laws.  The decision to expel, suspend or remove from office rests on first, a recommendation of the Board of Directors to do so, followed by a three-fourths majority vote of the membership at a meeting in which the membership is notified of the issue at least one month prior to the voting.  Members considered for expulsion, suspension or removal from office will be formally notified and be given due opportunity to meet with the Board and membership prior to any vote on such action.

Article V: Dues And Fees

Section 1: Application Fees

Members joining or rejoining Ring 41 are required to pay a $5.00 initiation fee and the first year’s annual membership fee of $20.

Section 2: Annual Membership Fee

Members in good standing are expected to pay the annual fee of $20 by the first meeting in January. Members in arrears after the first January meeting may attend the February and March at a fee of $5 for each meeting. Members failing to pay their annual membership fees by March 31 will be dropped from active membership and are welcomed to rejoin, provided the follow the new membership protocol, including application form, fee, and performance.

Section 3: Guest Fee

All non-members are welcome to attend up to two Ring 41 meetings without officially joining provided they pay a guest fee of $5.00 for local programming or $20.00 for outside lecturers. Non-members are not eligible to vote on any official Ring 41 business. 

Article VI: Amendments

Section 1: Amendment Protocol

Any amendment to these By-Laws must in writing and read at a regular Ring 41 meeting at least in one month and voted upon the next month where it may be acted upon and adopted if approved by a two-thirds vote of at least 25% of the membership.

By-Laws Chronology

  • Chartered: December 3, 1945
  • Incorporated: April 10, 1948
  • By-Laws Revised: March, 1995
  • By-laws Revised: March, 2002
  • By-Laws Revised: October, 2015