Dr Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Presents Bar Magic Night Featuring Andy Luka, Deception Artist, Thursday, March 17, 2022

Dr. Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Presents Bar Magic Night Featuring Andy Luka, Deception Artist, Thursday, March 17, 2022

This Meeting will ALSO be Zoomed Live for our Remote Guests! (Guests are ALWAYS Welcome!)

Attend the “In-Person” Meeting at the Wisconsin Club or the Live Streaming Zoom 

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Where: Wisconsin Club

  • 900 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee

Day: Thursday, March 17, 2022


  • Meeting Starts at 6:00 pm
  • Optional Dinner starts at 5:00 pm

Please reply to this email if you would like to attend the optional dinner!

Hello Fellow Compeers!

Any Luka – Deception Artist

A Deception Artist uses the same techniques as magicians, pickpockets, card cheats, mind readers and psychics. However, rather than exploiting people for personal gain, a deception artist presents these skills as a form of entertainment. In other words a deception artist is an honest con artist!

Andy Luka, Deception Artist, performs for audiences across the United States. He has performed from Milwaukee to Phoenix with clients such as Kohls, GE Medical, Harley Davidson, and Butterball just to name a few. He has also appeared on numerous television stations such as FOX, CBS, and BVC. In 2014 along with several other magicians, Luka headlined “The Revollusionists” a one of a kind ensemble magic show in Branson, MO. This high-end, multi-million dollar production, opened to rave reviews and sold out shows for it’s TWO YEAR run. He is currently performing for SOLD OUT shows in Milwaukee and surrounding areas including the ultra popular Deceptions Magic Show and Dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn. For the past six years, Luka has been a resident Bar Magician for Milwaukee’s legendary Safe House Bar and Restaurant. 

Luka’s style of magic is experience focused. It is very interactive and gets many audience members involved. The routines presented range from nearly self working to advanced. But the one thing that remains consistent is the entertainment value presented. Everything performed is well scripted with his signature dry wit, sarcastic and sometimes “edgy” humor.

When it comes to Bar Magic, Andy Luka’s three biggest pieces of advice are:

“Take charge, be in control and command your audience, but do so in a likable way. Let them know this is “your” space, and what you say goes.”

“Funny is money. Be funny, be entertaining. Be willing to crack a joke about yourself, believe it or not, this will help you avoid hecklers, make more tips and get your audience to like you. Once your audience likes you, they will like anything you do.”

“Bar Magic does not have to be bar themed. In fact, if you are trying to book corporate or private party gigs from a bar performance, I recommend you do not theme your performance based around bar props, jokes and materials. You want prospective clients to see you as a “Magician performing at a bar” and not as a bar magician.

Setting and Agenda 

The Wisconsin Club has graciously allowed Ring 41 to exclusively use one of their elegant, historical bars for this event. Andy Luka will be performing behind the bar and giving tips using his VAST experience as a magician in a type of “Mini Lecture” 

The second hour will be IBM Ring 41 Members in attendance performing bar magic behind the bar, while Any Luka gives constructive advice, tips, and performance recommendations. 

This is a MUST ATTEND event for any serious magician that wants to perform Bar Magic that leads to additional Private, Corporate, Close-up and Stage Show Bookings.

Zoom Recording:

All meetings are recorded via Zoom. The recordings will be made available to all members in good standing for thirty days prior to being archived to the IBM Ring 41 Archives. Remember, only members of IBM Ring 41 will have access to the video library, which contains monthly meeting Zoom recordings and past IBM Ring 41 Lectures.


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