Dr. Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Presents the Jamie Salinas Zoom Lecture! Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Dr. Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Presents the Jamie Salinas Zoom Lecture! Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Lecture Extravaganza Blowout Continues!

March 31, 2021: The Jamie Salinas Virtual Zoom Lecture 

Time: Zoom Meeting Opens 6:45pm CST and Starts 7:00pm CST

The Magic of Jamie Salinas:

Jamie Salinas is based out of the Houston, Texas area

and is an award winner in the art of sleight of and


This is a Unique, MUST SEE Lecture! Filled with Materials Very Rarely Tipped by a Working Professional!

See and Learn the Tricks that Made Jamie Salinas a Magic Superstar! Slight-of-Hand, Mentalism, Seance Magic and Performance, Spooky Magic, Bizarre Magic and Performance

Jamie will also tip his solution for the Infamous Bullet Catch Trick that can be performed up close or on stage that is 100% SAFE (?)

All Attendees will receive a FREE set of Lecture Notes!!!!

All Attendees also will receive DEEP product DISCOUNTS!

Jamie Salina was a resident Magician at Magic Island for over twelve years. His magic has been featured at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California. Jamie has performed his magic for royalty, celebrities as well as American and foreign presidents. He has been featured on American and foreign television as well. Jamie is the creator of Lotto Fever 2.0, a lottery prediction effect that has a five-star rating on Penguin Magic. In this lecture, Jamie will tip his method for his lottery prediction! You will also get a first-hand demonstration of his newest product, Perfect Personality Readings, a joint project that he co-produced with Paul Draper. You will learn a basic reading that you can do over the phone, streaming online or in person! This product also has a five-star rating on Penguin Magic! You will learn how Jamie has taken a simple bit of knowledge to create a mentalism experience. Jamie will tip a simple prediction effect with “un-gaffed” M&Ms that you will use. Jamie will also provide you with the formula to create a successful séance, effects to perform along with ideas and tips to make for a successful bizarre or spooky performance. Jamie will tip his solution for the infamous bullet catch that can be performed up close or on stage that is  100% SAFE! 

This is what they are saying about Jamie Salinas:

“The Notes, wow! I can’t believe you call those notes, that’s a book on seances. Thanks for sharing.” – Fred Rosenbaum

“I freaking loved your lecture last night!” – James Scott

“Great lecture last night.” – Larry Darbonne

“I really enjoyed your presentation last night.” – Marc Desouza

“Jamie, enjoyed your lecture thoroughly yesterday.” – Guruprasad Subramanian

“Thank you for the terrific lecture.” – Chris Morrison

“Really enjoyed your lecture on Wednesday!” – Glen MacKen

“Great lecture last night.” – Rich Lessig

“Jamie, thanks, that was a great lecture, I really appreciate you taking the time and share with us.” – Fred Rosenbaum

“I really enjoyed the lecture and your thoroughness! Your material is wonderful and your performance style is refreshing.” – Glen Macke

“This lottery prediction is “ON FIRE” – Alex Zander

“I love Jamie’s seance magic!!!” – Rick Robinson

“Very good lecture thanks soo much” – Paul Kilshaw

“It was a great lecture that had lots of good ideas from someone who actually does it versus an armchair theorist.” – Edward Wolfgang Poe

“Awesome lecture with a ton of great information. Thank you Jamie!!!” – Rick Robinson

“This is one of the best bizarrist lectures I’ve seen in a very long time. Thank you so much.” – Kyle Wallace

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