January 27, 2020: The Matt Fore Virtual Zoom Lecture!

Dr. Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Presents the Matt Fore Zoom Lecture!

The Lecture Extravaganza Blowout Continues!

January 27, 2020: The Matt Fore Virtual Zoom Lecture 

Time: Zoom Meeting Opens 6:45pm CST and Starts 7:00pm CST

“Killing it On Stage – How to Slay Your Audience with Comedy, Gags, One Liners, Structure, Callbacks, Segues and a Big Finish!

This is a MUST SEE Lecture!

Matt Fore presented this lecture for the FICM International 

Convention and was a big hit!

Matt Fore is a full time Comedy Magician who routinely serves as the main stage performer for Corporate, Association and Faith based events around the country as he has for more than twenty-eight years.  He has performed and lectured at numerous Magic Conventions and performed for Carnival Cruise Lines, The Magic Castle in Hollywood and has appeared on several national TV Shows including The Crook & Chase Show on TNN, Fox Sports and Swan’s Place on Odyssey.

Matt is the creator of “Killing It On Stage – How to Slay Your Audience with Comedy, Gags, Lines, Structure, Callbacks, Segues and a Big Finish,” a course designed to help entertainers take their shows to new heights.

He is also the founder of “The Entertainers Marketing Academy” a course used my magicians around the country to grow their businesses step by step. Matt’s a contributor to Success.com, Entrepreneur.com and is the author of two books, “The Five Essential Elements – A Simplified Road to Success,” and his very popular comedy devotional “The Truth Shall Make You Laugh. 

Here is what people are saying about Matt Fore!

One of the funniest and best acts on our evening shows at Midwest Magic Jubilee.” Terry Richison – Convention Chair

An outstanding system…the callbacks, running gags and segues module will strengthen your presentation from start to finish.”

Tom O’Brien

The Killing it on Stage course is some of the best money I have ever spent on magic. And that says a lot since I’ve been in magic full time for 35 years!” Marty Hahne

“You were able to show me the science behind a good show…This course has given me confidence to try some “next level” concepts.”

Paul Adams


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