Ring Report – Feb 2017

Hello Dr Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41 Members and Friends!
RING 41, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN  Dr. Richard Mossey Ring
Meets last Wednesday of month, except July & Aug
Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, 53208.
Wow! What a meeting. On February 22, the Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41 celebrated the life, teachings, and magic of the legendary magician Dai Vernon also known as “The Professor.” The senior members of the Ring remembered Dai Vernon fondly and many had met him personally. Some of the younger members of the meeting heard of Dai Vernon and were familiar with some of his tricks. Lastly, some of the youngest members never heard of Dai Vernon and were experiencing his tricks and teachings for the first time! It was good to hear the youngest members excited to discover Dai Vernon, his teaching and books referring to them as a “new horizon” of magical exploration and study!
First up was Dr. Bill Crowley, who performed the Vernon classic “Twisting the Aces.” Bill removed the four aces from the deck and held them facedown. With just a twisting of the cards, each ace would magically turn face up in the packet. It was nice seeing this classic trick. 
Bob Rath took center stage and shared some stories relating to Vernon’s life. He showed the group his signed copy of the famous book The Book of Magic. Bob went on to show a version of Dr. Daley’s Last card trick. 
SAM Assembly 61 President, Mark Martinez, performed the famous effect “The Trick that Fooled Houdini.” He also gave its history and explanation. Everyone appreciated his detailed explanation. 
Vice President Mike Miller performed a Vernon effect found in the classic book Scarne on Cards. Mike counted out twenty cards from a thoroughly shuffled deck; he then had a spectator insert a joker anywhere in the twenty-card stack. Mike then asked two spectators from the audience to remember each of the cards on the top and bottom of the inserted joker. After executing an up and down shuffle, Mike was able to use two pointer cards to determine the location of each of the spectator’s cards. 
New member magician Greg George, a.k.a. Don Vort, performed a variation of the card trick “Triumph.” Greg performed it standing up and surrounded. His polished routine and many, many subtle enhancements made it apparent to everyone watching that Greg is a true professional with lots of “real world” experience. 
Next on stage was one of our newest members, Steve Ferris. He performed an original trick in progress called “Connecting Chains.”  Steve passed out about a dozen key chains to the audience. After an inspection, Steve collected the key chains back into his hat. After “pouring” the key chains into a clear glass, they mysteriously linked into a large string of connected key chains. The trick was very innovative and professionally done. Many in attendance gave constructive critiques and suggestions for improving the trick in the spirit of the great Dai Vernon himself. Steve appreciated the feedback and everyone was excited to see this new miracle added to his professional working repertoire. 
Gerald W. Michels was up next who gave a short dissertation on the life and times of Dai Vernon. Gerald was followed by Scott Edward Lane, IBM Ring 41 President. Scott explained the workings of the Vernon Multiple Shift found in Vernon’s Book of Magic. Scott showed several variations and applications for this wonderful card slight. 
Last but not least IBM Territorial Vice President, Dr Lynn Miner, performed Dai Vernon’s “Symphony of Rings” exactly the way Vernon used to perform it, including with the original music soundtrack,  during his night club performances. Lynn’s presentation was expertly scripted, flawlessly performed and historically acute. Needless to say, his performance brought the house down! 
If you are in the Milwaukee, WI area please feel free to join our meetings. Guests are always welcome!
Scott Lane
Dr Richard Mossey IBM Ring 41

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