Ring Report January 2016

RING 41, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – Dr. Richard Mossey Ring

Meets last Wednesday of month, except July & Aug

Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, 53208.

Mike Miller, Secretary


“Gift Magic” was the theme for our January meeting. The concept of Gift Magic has its roots in the book “Gift Magic,” which was edited by Dr. Lawrence Hass, our upcoming February 4th lecturer.

About a dozen enthusiastic magicians met at the Tripoli Shrine to perform and discuss gift magic. Mark Martinez, president of the local SAM 61 Assembly, and Ring 41 member, started the night with a trick involving a business card. Mark displayed his business card, which had a crystal ball drown on the back. Both Mark and his spectator proceeded to sign their names on the business card. The spectator was then asked to randomly select a card from a thoroughly shuffled pack of cards. After a bit of by play, the selected playing card was seen written inside the crystal ball that previously signed by the spectator. The business card with both signatures was given to the spectator as a souvenir, leaving him with not only a special gift but also his contact information!

Next up was Harlan Nordness. He explained a trick involving six cards with numbers on them. After one of the numbers was freely selected, Harlan was able to correctly divine the chosen number. The card was then given away to the specter as a souvenir.

Long time member Gerald Michels performed one of his gospel-themed effects using a small gospel themed coloring book. He told the story of Simon Peter catching a fish with a coin in its mouth to pay the Temple Tax, as found in Mathew 24:17-24. Gerald then gave away the coloring book as a souvenir. The spectator received not only the coloring book but a wonderful story describing one of Christ’s miracles. Gerald explained that he gets the coloring books at the “dollar store” so it is affordable to give away to the spectator. As Gerald stated “If I can help save a soul by spending only one dollar, I will gladly perform the trick over and over.”

Mike Miller, Ring 41 Secretary and board member, then took center stage and showed the audience a carnival wheel with numbers on one side and corresponding carnival prizes listed on the other side. A spectator was asked to choose one of the numbers. When the wheel was turned around to expose the gift won, the spectator was awarded the corresponding prize. Everyone laughed when the spectator could have picked a one dollar prize or a $100,000 prize. Magically, the spectator won the true prize of a teddy bear. A teddy bear was then produced from a paper bag that was previously shown to the audience! The bear was then given to the spectator as a gift. Everyone in attendance was amazed including the child who received the wonderful gift as a souvenir.

Scott Edward Lane, Ring 41 President, performed an effect under almost impossible conditions by demonstrating an Erdnase-themed ten card Texas Hold’m poker deal. The spectator won with a royal flush defying a probability of about 64,000 to 1. The spectator was then allowed to keep a good luck coin that was previously chosen prior to the demonstration. Scott explained that the coin actually chose the spectator due to ancient Chinese magic. The spectator was encouraged to keep the coin in their possession at all times so that good luck would continue to accompany them though their entire life’s journey.

Dr William Crowley then performed a trick utilizing a deck of cards and a card hole punch. A card was randomly selected by an audience member and signed. A second card was then randomly selected and the performer punched a hole in one end with a hole punch. A sting with a price tag was then tied through the hole of the second card. The spectator then signed his initials on the price tag and the card was inserted somewhere in the middle of the pack. Everyone gasped as the spectator pulled on the string showing that the hole, string and price tag were now attached to the previously selected and signed card! The signed card with the string and price tag was then given to the spectator as a souvenir.

Last up was our own Ring namesake, Dr Richard Mossey. He put a special spin on the magic of gifts by sharing the story of how he obtained his first magic book. The book was given to the young Mossey by Tommy C. Bonney. Dr Mossey didn’t realize the significance of the gift until later in life when he recognized that if the generous magician would have given him a magic trick, it would not of made the same impact as the book made to the budding magician, who later went on to a lifetime of magic performance, appreciation and collecting. He also told the story of how he obtained his Petrie Lewis’s Blooming Rose Bush trick. Petrie Lewis himself customized the trick to Dr Mossey’s specific requirements, which then went on to be standard for the production of the legendary trick. Dr Mossey owns the third Blooming Rose Bush trick ever made. He was in good company because the great magician Dante purchased the second one ever made. Dr Mossey finished his presentation by showing the group a picture of him with Bess Houdini. I wish everyone could hear the stories of Doctor Mossey and his wonderful life in magic.

If you are in the area be sure to attend one of our meetings. Guests are always welcome! You can contact Scott Edward Lane, President of the Dr Richard Mossey Ring 41 at slanelittleton@yahoo.com for additional questions or information.

Scott Edward Lane

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