Bar Magic: Our December 27 Meeting Theme:

As your busy holiday season begins to unwind, it’s time for you to relax, kick back, and take it easy. Our December theme, Bar Magic, will help you make that happen. Our program features to seasoned bar magicians from the Safe House.  They’ll share with you their favorite effects and tell some incredible stories about the things that they have experienced as bar magicians. Bar magic is a unique specialty area of magic and nobody knows it better than the pro’s who do it night after night after night.  That’s the best way to get good and these guys are great!

But wait, there’s more. After their abridged lecture at our usual meeting spot, the Tripoli Shrine Center, we’ll adjourn to the Safe House in downtown Milwaukee and spend the evening with  food, fun, and fellowship as we magish the night away, What a great opportunity to give yourself a holiday treat. If you’ve never been there before, it is truly a unique place, although you need to know the password to get in.  If you don’t know it, you can probably find somebody in the IBM Ring 41 who might be able to help you get inSo load up a few close-up effects in your pockets, coins, cards, string, rubber bands, or whatever props you wish to demo your favorite effects.  I’m sure you’ll also learn some new close-up effects before the evening is over.

Our Schedule and Location

We begin at 5:30 pm with a dinner and social hour at Miss Katie’s Diner, a quaint 1950s place to grab some good food, reasonably priced. And the wait staff are always hoping to see you perform a magic trick while you make their delicious food disappear. Set your GPS to look for 1900 W. Clybourn Ave, Milwaukee.

You’ll be only five minutes away for our 7:00 pm Ring 41 meeting at the Tripoli Shrine Center, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI. If you’ve never been there before, you’ll easily recognize the replica of the Taj Mahal. We’ll save a seat for you. For non-lecture meetings, visitors are welcome to attend to meetings free. On months when we have guest lecturers, the fees are $5 for members and $20 for nonmembers. All members of the Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41 are strongly encouraged to join the I.B.M. Be sure to look at our Meeting Schedule for 2017-2018, posted elsewhere on this website.


Finally, after the Bar Magic lecture at the Tripoli Shrine Center, we’ll adjourn to the Safe House,  We’d tell you where it is, but it’s a secret. Just ask a fellow Ring member. As magicians, you are a resourceful group.  You’ll figure it out.




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